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Whether this is your first time or the zillionth of time visiting a swinger’s club and partaking in a swinger’s party there are rules and etiquettes you need to know about, learn, respect and obey by.

Here are few tips that will help you have a great night filled with pleasant and brilliant memories:

1.Respect the swingers club’s rules. 

Most clubs, when visiting for the first time, will go over the club rules with you in addition to taking you on a guided tour. Modern day has facilitated this further, most clubs have their own sites where they usually list their rules, you can read.

The club has these rules in place so everyone will feel secure and to ensure the best experience possible for those in attendance. The staff will answer questions and some clubs will have “host” couples (seasoned swingers) who are also available to answer any questions in addition to welcoming the “newbies.”


2. Hygiene:

Your night might very well end with physical intimacy, whether with your partner or someone new, so being conscious of your body and appearance is something you will want to pay special attention. These steps while seemingly obvious, are sometimes missed:

a) fresh breath (teeth brushed, mints, mouthwash)
b) clean body (showered, deodorant)
c) being prepared (condoms, lube)
d) clean hair (styled, rubber bands to pull it back)

Remember it’s about being at your best!


3.Setting and respecting boundaries

Discuss with each other prior to attending a swinger’s club/party what you are comfortable with and what are your limits. Communication is key. You need to hear each other and respect each other’s boundaries, these boundaries might change over time and therefore maintaining an open communication is essential to enjoying swinging. In that respect, when hooking up with a single or a couple is also important you respect their boundaries.


4.Drink moderately

Having a drink or two to relax your nerves is a good idea. It can be daunting to be in a new atmosphere a situation that is new to you. But do not ruin it for yourself and others with excess drinking. Most clubs have a policy for unruly behaviour and will escort you out. Your chances of returning might have been hurt, so think before you drink.


5.It’s not free for all

Swingers parties are fun but consent is always a prerogative. Nobody is going to grope, or drag you into a room without your full consent. Swingers are big on consent and will not tolerate anything else.


6.Safety comes first 

Swingers clubs and swinger’s parties provide a safe space for couples and singles to experience, grow and expand on their sexuality. So, make sure you stay safe, use condoms and make each and every visit fun.